PayRecord Mobile Manager


The Personal Timeclock App

PayRecord personal time clock is available from the AppStore, PayRecord provides a quick and easy way for mobile employees to maintain an accurate, up-to-the-minute record of hours worked. PayRecord allows employees to organize their work time by day and work week. Time records can be sent via e-mail to a home office or payroll department from within PayRecord

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Clock In and Out from your phone

Record regular time, overtime, & double time; Calculate pay or billings; Compatible with Federal & 50 state labor laws; Send clock in/out records via email; Track location of clock in/out events; Edit time records; Record time spent on specific tasks and for multiple clients; Receive work assignments from and send time records to PayRecord Online and PayRecord Mobile Manager. 


A Complete Time Tracking System

PayRecord for iPhone/iPad is part of PayRecord family of services. Together with PayRecord Online and PayRecord Mobile Manager you have everything you need to track the work you, your employees, and your consultants & contractors do for your businesses and for your clients. Tracking your labor costs and the revenue your workforce generates is easy with PayRecord.